How Fowl Frequency Custom Calls Started

I have hunted waterfowl since I was about 13 years old (1999) and fell in love with calling ducks (or attempting to) with my Knight & Hale double-reed call that I bought at K-mart for approximately $6.00.  Even though I was quite terrible at calling ducks, and don’t get me started on calling geese; as I grew and practiced, I gained greater knowledge and skill for calling.  I love to manipulate the decisions of ducks and geese to add that element of skill to hunting waterfowl.

Corey Lindeman

Corey Lindeman


Sometime (honestly, I don’t remember specifically when) in Fall of 2009, I told my wife, “I think I’m going to make duck calls”.  After the confused look on her face subsided, she asked “Why? Do you even know how to make duck calls?”.  My full time career as an engineer has spared many random ideas through the years, but this one stuck with me.  So, I bought myself a lathe and started making “duck calls”.  The first call I lathed, did not make any sound and was quite awful (see image below).  However, I stuck with the craft and eventually moved from wood calls to polyurethane-injected laminated wood, and eventually decided on acrylic as the main medium for my calls.


Development of Fowl Frequency Custom Calls has been an 8 year process in the making.  I set out to create calls which were made of high quality materials, sound realistic, looked beautiful, and did not break the bank for people wanting a quality, great sounding call, but could not afford $100-$150 for a call.  In addition to a reasonably priced, high quality call, I also like to offer people a sales guarantee.  Through the years, I’ve noticed that most people blow calls differently; knowing this has led me to work with people to either tune a call which is more conducive to that person’s air flow, volume needs, etc.  Whether in person, over the phone, or email, I’m always available to discuss my calls, calling, or just shoot the breeze about random waterfowl hunting adventures!  I do not make calls that people won’t be happy with because if you don’t like it, return it to me because my customers come first.